Love is All about Caring…

Love….is a very generic term know from kids to elders…and funny part is that, each have their own definition for it.

Everyone in life by now would have experienced Love … I too experienced it…

My Definition of Love suits better in the following pairs

Parents Love towards their Children

Brothers Love on his Sister

An Army men’s Love towards Country

An  athletes Love towards his Game

Out of all the above pairs, I feel Love and Care shown by a Mother on her Kids is the Truest and Purest….She does anything and everything for her children… Luckily most of Us have experienced it.

As years are passing away Love also got polluted similar to air and water….. Now a days it’s a tough thing to decide and judge purity of  one’s Love. Love is not explicitly expressed by everyone… One can feel it if its True, these days Love is expressed in thousands of ways with available smart devices, but the true essence of Love is not carried by such means…..

Keep Loving and Caring your Loved ones, Feel Lucky and Blessed if You find someone who Truly Loves You, don’t loose them in search of someone else …

—  Poorna Chander Rao T

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