Technology in and out Life

Technology had been showing a great impact on the way human lives, the way he responds to life and it’s surprises….

It even impacted mine…. In a way it wanted to…. But one simple logical dialogue from a Telugu movie changed the way I look at things…

Dialogue goes as

God has created Objects to use and Humans to love, but in confusion Man started using Humans and loving Objects…

From then I started looking at objects in the way they are to be actually treated…

Technology impact is so bad such that people in a bachelor room, sit one beside other holding there phones/laptops chatting and talking to someone far apart, but they don’t make time to talk someone beside Him. I literally watch this everyday…
Internet connectivity has made world connected…. But it smartly moved humans apart…

More over people started sharing everything… Via posts and shares… But they have already lost the way to really show and express Genuine love/care to their beloved ones….

I Wish people realise the Importance of Human to Objects… To make World a better place for a better life….

– Poorna Chander Rao T

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