By now you might have heard allot of sayings about Life, ambition, goal, punctuality..

Everyone has his/her own definition of Life…Here I present a different way to look into the way life is to be felt (my way) …..

Life is a gift given by God to everyone impartially…. Everyone enters world with nothing materialistic … And leaves world in the same way… Carrying nothing back …(Indian Philosophy)


As Shakespeare said,  Life is simply a drama stage where u perform ur role and get down.


Life starts with parents paving path for ones life….later after a certain age everyone chooses his/her life paths based on their wishes and dreams….


Life is a journey …. Where u meet allot of people each with a different character… And each of them will show some or the other impact on the way u think, the way u live…

As many philosophers say …. Live today as if it’s the last day of life… The core meaning lies in saying not to waste even a min today postponing the work for tomorrow/ future, as no one in world really knows whether he/ she will see tomorrow…. Or not….

Life on its go will make u taste all the good and bad… As it want u to learn the essence of life and in turn showing way to lead and enjoy it….


Don’t get degraded by tasting failures in life….. As U can only enjoy taste of water, when u drink it after a thirst of hours…..  really enhance the taste .., even pave paths for….


A situation experienced today whether good or bad will build you up to face the world tomorrow in a better way…..:D


So finally accept good or bad what life presents you….. And be Brave enough to pave your own paths to travel along to reach your Destiny/ Goals Keep smiling…

– Poorna Chander Rao T.

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